Technology in Our Classrooms

The technology we have in our classrooms at St. Joseph School allows our children to access a world of information through text, images, and videos.  Teachers use a variety of tools to transport students to new places and educational videos to bring historical figures and events and science concepts to life.  Students are more deeply engaged in lessons when they can see and connect with the information they are learning.

Technology allows students to interact with information in a variety of ways that appeals to all learning styles.  Every classroom is equipped with a SMART Board or StarBoard that provides another way for learners to engage in lessons.  With the touch of a finger, students edit shared writing, identify geometric shapes on a projected photograph, and label important historical events on a map.

Most importantly, technology in the classroom encourages stronger critical thinking skills.  With our chromebooks and iPads, for example, students can present their learning in creative and authentic ways.  They share ideas using platforms like Google Classroom, create videos and other multi-media presentations, conduct virtual science experiments, and explore new places all around the world.   These types of projects require students to refine their analysis and problem-solving skills as they work individually and in teams to synthesize concepts and information they have learned.