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Faculty and Staff



Title / Grade
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Name Email
Principal Ms. Cymbaluk cymbaluk@stjosephroselleschool.org
Vice Principal /Language Arts Mrs. Gilliland gilliland@stjosephroselleschool.org
Pre-K  3/4   Mrs.  Almeida almeida@stjosephroselleschool.org
Kindergarten Ms.  Baker baker @stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 1 Mrs. Bicca bicca @stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 2 Miss Large large@stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 3 Ms. Ertl ertl@stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 4   Ms. Gentil gentil@stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 5  Mrs.  Knight  knight@stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 6 Mrs. Smalley smalley@stjosephroselleschool.org
Grade 7/Science Mr. Moses moses@stjosephroselleschool.org   
Grade 8 / Math Mrs. Gallagher gallagher@stjosephroselleschool.org
Social Studies /Music Mrs. Brumbaugh brumbaugh@stjosephroselleschool.org
STEM/Technology   M. Orlando orlando@stjosephroselleschool.org
Italian Ms. Bello bello@stjosephroselleschool.org
Music/Performing Arts Mr. Montalvo montalvo@tjosephroselleschool.org
Physical Education Mr. Skrec skrec@stjosephroselleschool.org
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Recinos recinos@stjosephroselleschool.org
Maintenance Mr. Untamo untamo@stjosephroselleschool.org





St. Joseph the Carpenter School
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