Let’s Celebrate Our St. Joe’s cultural Diversity


It’s that time again, when we all celebrate our individual cultural backgrounds with Flags, Ethnic Clothing, Music, Dance and most importantly FOOD!  

Tuesday, March 19th, in honor of our Patron Saint Joseph, the school will be hosting our annual Multicultural Day.

We are asking each child to bring in food from their heritage or make a donation from the items listed below. If preparing food, there should be enough for 15 people. This will serve as lunch for the entire school. We are asking for food to be sent in a half-sized tin tray if it needs to be heated up.

We are also looking for volunteers to help set-up the luncheon. We are asking parents or guardians to arrive by 10am to help place food dishes with coordinating countries, heat up food, and serve. Volunteers will also be responsible for cleaning up the cafeteria at the conclusion of lunch. If you are interested, please fill out the appropriate section below.

Last year was a great success and we are looking forward to another great year.

Please print form located to the left of the screen,


Congratulations to our WINNERS!

Cropsticals: Project Manager Sofia Candamil Ramirez

                      Design Engineer: Katelyn Moses

                      Marketing Manger: Justice Tyler

                      Country Experts: Angelo Barthelus, Ricardo Tlatenco

Gear Up for a Better Future:

                      Project Manager: Isabella Torres

                      Marketing Manager Jalynn Skete and Miguelina Tlatenco

                      Country Expert: Tamir Basden

                     Design Manager: Kidere Herron

Helping Other People Everyday:

                      Project Manager: Eve Lafontant

                      Design Manager: Sabine Louis

                      Country Expert: Khalid Osman

                      Marketing Manager: Jalia Camacho and Janelle Estime

Farmers Tech: 

                     Project Manager: Maria Tlatenco

                     Design Engineer: Denzel Joseph

                     Country Expert: Destiny Mena

                    Design Manager: Alyssa Regilus and Ivy Chen

These four teams will represent St. Joseph at the Archdiocese's S.T.E.M. Fair on Saturday, April 6th.



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Friday: March 8th:

          (Pre-K to 2nd Grade) Pajama Day: Children can come to school wearing their 

                                            pajamas. NO SLIPPERS!!

Inspired By: I Am NOT Going To Get Up Today!

         (3rd through 8th Grade) College Day: Students can wear a college shirt or

         sweatshirt, with their uniform, from a college they may see themselves in the                  future.

Inspired By: Oh, The Places You'll Go!



Save the Date

Saturday, May 18th @ 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Registration begins at 9:00

More Information To Follow

Last Fundraiser of the School Year

Available Now - Each Ticket costs $10 with 90 over 90 chances to WIN!

Money due by March 15th for April 1st drawing.

 Please call Ms. Love should you have any questions.





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