Ms. Cymbaluk

Welcome March!


There is a saying that HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.


Hope is alive and well here at St. Joseph the Carpenter School.


The snow is melting, birds are singing and the smell of Spring is in the air!

The Class of 2021 is preparing to graduate after receiving almost $500,000 in Scholarships!

Through hybrid schedules and virtual learning, we have been learning and growing together!

Registrations for Summer Camp and Academic Year 2021-2022 are open and flourishing!


Pope Francis dedicated this year as The Year of St. Joseph. We honor our Patron this month. As our school community prepares for his Feast Day on March 19th, we are reminded of the role model Joseph is for us. Joseph was a steadfast provider, trusting in God and his word. He was a loving and caring father for Jesus, always putting his family first. He was a carpenter, an ordinary working man that raised the Son of God!.


When we recite our morning prayers each day here at St. Joseph the Carpenter School we pray to St. Joseph and thank him for the example he sets for us and for the world. He trusted God and never wavered on his faith. His example gives us hope.






Mrs. Cymbaluk