The mission of St. Joseph the Carpenter school is to form well educated, well rounded faith filled leaders of tomorrow. But are we? Possibly a look at what a leader should be may help us answer this question.

A leader must be knowledgeable. Our K-3 graders are deeply involved in the new interdisciplinary language arts program that teaches literacy skills through cultural literacy. A 3rd grader discussing the Punic Wars in Sicily or the reach of Ancient Rome? How about a trip down the Nile to visit the builders of the pyramids or a wild ride with Toad through Edwardian England? Or even kindergarteners who can describe the body in detail. How about our 5-8 graders working on in-depth STEM projects? Or the 8th grade writing, choreographing and performing the annual Civil Rights Celebration? Did I mention the scholarships the 8th graders have been offered by some of the best Catholic High Schools in the area or the number of students who regularly receive 1st or 2nd honors? I would say that they are well educated students who are quite knowledgeable about many things.

A leader needs to be well rounded. Volleyball is now yielding to basketball which will lead to track. We will be looking for a place to display all the trophies and certificates that our students usually win. Our students expand their thought processes through Gifted and Talented, learn how to speak competitively in the Forensics program (often bringing home honors) and enjoy karate, dance and fashion design. If a child has an interest, we try and find an outlet for it. Our students are well rounded and prepared for the future.

A leader should be faith filled. Prayer, social concern and living a Christ centered life is at the core of who we are. Here religion is not just a subject but it is part of our DNA. Our students lead prayers, participate in prayer services and Mass, they sing in the choir, filling food baskets, collecting clothes for the homeless and other good works are just part of life here at St. Joe’s. It is most evident in the way a new child is welcomed, a hurt one is comforted and the genuine concern one has for the other. We say we are all God’s children and we believe it.

To be knowledgeable, well rounded and faith filled as well as knowing the right thing and doing it are all part of the St. Joseph’s Way. It is intangible but it is real and it is strongly felt in this school. We are definitely fulfilling our mission.

We would like you to consider being a part of this Way. Our Open House will be Sunday, January 27 from 11-1. We invite you to join us ( and our reasonable Pancake Breakfast ,too) and experience why most families who walk through our doors never want to leave!


Happy Catholic Schools Week.