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Fourth Grade

Ms. O'Halloran

Welcome to our Fourth Grade website!

Over the course of this academic year, fourth grade students will read award-winning literature through a new language arts program, develop and strengthen their math skills, discover the history behind our country’s states and regions, and much more. In addition to this rich and engaging curriculum, students will take part in a new performing arts class (grades K-4) and attend physical education classes two times a week for the first trimester. Students will begin Health in the second trimester. 

-Ms. O'Halloran 

Homework will be posted here every day.

Tuesday, January 21st

Math: Workbook pg. 49, odds. 

Textbook pg. 151: #12, 14, 16, 18, 20

SS: Chapter 7 headers A & B notes; use outline format. 

*Points will be taken off if proper outline format is not used.

Friday, January 17th

Math: Workbook pg. 48, odds

SS: Complete MLK Jr. paragraph

Religion: Complete Gospel writers handout. 

Get test folder signed!

Thursday, January 16th

Math: Workbook pg. 48, evens only

ELA: Complete Booklet 9C page. 

SS: Complete MLK Jr. vocab review

Wednesday, January 15th

Math: Workbook pg. 47, odds only

ELA: Handout 12A, answer self-reflection question

Tuesday, January 14th

Math: Workbook pg. 46, evens only

ELA: Handout 12A; complete summary of pgs. 14-19. 

Religion: Study for tomorrow’s test.

Monday, January 13th

Math: Workbook pg. 45

ELA: Handout 12A

Religion: Chapter 5 Test review, pg.78. Test on Wednesday, Jan. 15th. Complete We Respond  on pg. 75. 

Health: Complete worksheet; due Monday, January 27th. 

Friday, January 10th

SS: Finish writing notes for Lesson 6, Headers C & D. Use outline format. 

ELA: Handout 12A

Thursday, January 9th

Math: for quiz tomorrow, study 1s-12s and lessons 4-1 through 4-7 in textbook.

SS: Finish Soup Kitchen handout

Wednesday, January 8th

Math: Workbook pg. 43, odds. Study 1s-12s and lessons 4-1 through 4-7 in textbook.

SS: Complete Pearl Harbor handout.

ELA: Complete and color 9C handout.

Tuesday, January 7th

Math: Workbook pg. 42. Study times tables 1s-12s.

SS: Lesson 6 Take Home quiz; you may use your textbook and notes.

Monday, January 6th

Math: Workbook pg. 41

ELA: Capitalization handout

Friday, January 3rd

Math: Workbook pg. 40  Upcoming: Math quiz on Friday 1/10

ELA: Handout 10B

Thursday, January 2nd

Math: Workbook pg. 39

SS: Complete Susan B. Anthony handout. It will be collected tomorrow. 

Thursday, December 19th

Due on January 2: Handwriting packet, please use black or blue pen only. Complete Math & ELA practice packets. Begin to study multiplication flashcards. 



Ms. O'Halloran's 4th Grade grading policy

Math & Social Studies

T1, T2, T3: 20% Tests, 25% Quizzes, 10% Projects, 20% Homework (initialized at 100 & adjusted throughout the trimester based upon completeness), 25% Classwork & Participation   


T1, T2, T3: 40% Tests, 25% Homework (initialized at 100 & adjusted throughout the trimester based upon completeness), 35% Classwork & Participation    

English Language Arts

T1, T2, T3: 30% Tests, 25% Quizzes, 10% Projects, 15% Homework (initialized at 100 & adjusted throughout the trimester based upon completeness), 20% Classwork & Participation  



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